Studying International Business Management In Canada

The international business management graduate certificate program helps students prepare for managing international business issues. A strong emphasis is laid on strategic areas of international marketing, international business law, international banking and finance, international business plan development, and global logistics and business research and analysis. In addition, the program covers various other subjects including business communication, comparative geopolitical systems, corporate social responsibility and international entrepreneurship.

The students of this program are prepared to work with international business organizations as international development assistants, international marketing representatives, commercial bank officers, foreign trade consultants and foreign investment and risk analysts. They study about international markets and the trends in world trade and develop skills required to operate in an ever-changing business environment.

The certificate program offers an in-depth understanding in business development, small to medium-sized international entrepreneurship and international trade and investment. The professionals who are in career transition or are looking for more advanced career opportunities can consider enrolling in this program. This short but intensive course helps them gain solid foundation in international business practice and practical industry experience through the industry field placement.

Studying International Business Management in Canada

Although many Canadian colleges offer this course but not all provide industry exposure, which is a necessary requirement to seek employment with international organizations. It is of utmost importance for interested candidates to choose the right program and the college. Only reputed colleges offer strong employment prospects upon course completion.

Centennial College’s one year program in international business management is considered as one of the most prestigious courses in Canada. It not only helps students build strong foundation in international business but also covers specialized and industry valued courses. In addition, the students also get an opportunity to further develop their skills through a field placement in a real world setting.

Moreover, the program includes an extensive use of case studies, simulations, presentations and project-based learning. Apart from this, there is an emphasis on the use of computer education and technology and development of communication, teamwork and report writing skills, which are necessary for career success in the current international business environment.

Applying for an International Business Management Graduate Certificate Program

Centennial College accepts students who have earned previous university degree or diploma and/or possess business experience. Students from a variety of backgrounds, such as arts, humanities, commerce or technical backgrounds can apply for this program, as it enables them to be at par with the latest theoretical and practical aspects of global business in just one year.

Candidates with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years of college education or a partial university degree) and relevant experience (minimum two years of work experience) can also apply for this program. Apart from this, all the candidates are required to produce a proof of English proficiency.

The program graduates can either choose to pursue their careers and seek employment in diverse industry sectors or apply their academic rewards towards further studies at the university. They can apply for a Master’s degree program with the institutes or universities associated with the college.

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